Monitoring Asthma

Keeping your asthma under control

The purpose of this project is to create a home-use device that can track asthma over time and determine response to treatment.

Inhale. Xhale. We breathe about 20 times per minute, 23 thousand times a day, and 670 million a lifetime. However, for asthmatic patients, inhaling and exhaling becomes very difficult. X-Hale Diagnostics originated with the idea to help these asthmatic patients.

With the aid of research and ideas, our company focused on the idea that when a patient has an asthma attack, the biproduct and the immune system's response is an increase of Nitric Oxide produce by the patient. We want to quantify airway inflammation of patient's lungs by measuring Nitric Oxide in the their breath and thus measuring the severity of an attack.

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X-Hale Device

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